During the war of independence in 1971, the founder of the Companyganj (Basurhat) was established in 1972, with respect to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great hero of the freedom struggle. The most popular leader and MP of this region, Mr. Fakir Muktijoddha Mr. Abu Naser Chowdhury, Mannan, Socially aware, Bidanuragi, Buddhist
Individuals, freedom fighters, whose efforts were established in the college; I remember them with deep respect. In 1986, the college was renamed "Government Mujib College". It has become known as the old and the best educational institution at local and national levels for higher education of the people of Companiganj upazila. The location of the campus in the spectacular vast area around 8.50 acres of land. There is a wide playground, aesthetic deployment mosque, well-equipped academic building, literature, culture, history, a rich library rich heritage book. There is a huge pond in the middle of this campus, Sunny campus; The people whose clean water and well-watered waves add to the life of teachers, students and visitors. Under the guidance of wise and prudent principal; The company has been contributing for a long time in developing skilled human resources in the pursuit of skilled and resourceful teachers. But after nearly 43 years of the establishment of the college, there was not enough opportunity for teaching opportunities and infrastructure development in new languages. As many as 4 (four) thousand students walk in this college, there are only 21 teachers in the college. The student-teacher-teacher ratio is utterly insufficient. Companiganj is a township that has many knowledgeable-quality births renowned at national and international levels. Their well-being and compassion towards the birthplace can bring about a massive and timely change of college. Hopefully with the help of all, the infrastructure of the college will improve the quality of writing and writing and will continue the ongoing trend in creating skilled and educated human resources. As a resident of Companiganj and as an officer in college, this is my absolute demand for Allah.



(Setara Akter)

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