At the heart of Basurhat municipality of Companyganj, one of the biggest upazilas of Noakhali district, the center of the culture of a beautiful natural environment has been standing in the heart of the government, Mujib College. The birthplace of the government Mujib College, which was established in the heart of Basurhat, hundreds of years old, is not very old. The name of this township was named Companyganj after the name of the British East India Company, but it was behind hundreds of years in the field of education. 197 until the
Virtually non-existent here, a higher education institution. Companiganj resident of Independent Bangladesh, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has received the honorable high school "Govt. Mujib College" and contributed to the establishment of Companiganj persona personality of the company, Mr. Abu Naser Chowdhury and Companyganj sar Freedom and the education level of people. I remember with respect to those people who founded this place on 8.5 acres of land. Although the period of 43 years passed, the height of the Vidyapitha did not improve. Graduation with 13 subjects was published in 1986. Although the college was enacted in 1986, the number of teachers and subjects raised. Even today, about 4000 (four thousand) students are studying in the college, but there is a huge gap between the teacher and student ratio. Because there are still 19 lecturers engaged in the position of 21 lecturers in the college. Which is surprising to think!
          The actual purpose of education is to provide comprehensive development and development of the body, mind and soul, partially but the company is completing it. I wish to increase the prosperity of the organization and overall prosperity. I wish that the great welfare of the great creator should fall on our waist and in the oven.


(Professor Ziauddin Chowdhury)
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Government Mujib College

Companiganj, Noakhali

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